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Chlorination systems

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IEC FABCHEM LIMITED has been in the field of chlorination system for the past 4 decades. The company was initially formed in the year 1963 as INDIAN ENGINEERING ( WORKS) CORPORATION at Bombay. Later it was shifted to Chennai to take advantage of the facilities offered by the local Government. The firm was then converted into a Public Limited Company in September 1995. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of Chlorination systems for disinfection of drinking water supplies servicing the needs of Industrial, domestic and Municipal Corporations. The company has an established reputation in the Water Treatment Industry, Thermal & Atomic Power plants and have registered with all major clients and consultants. IEC undertakes systems on turnkey basis for plants consisting of Design, Engineering, Manufacture, Supply, Erection, Testing & Commissioning. Chlorinator: Model R-103 floor cabinet mounted chlorinators are vacuum operated, solution feed devices available with wall mounted remote vacuum regulator. The injector is floor mounted, away from the Chlorinator cabinet, which houses a Rotameter, a flow control valve, a differential regulator and a vacuum relief valve. REMOTE VACUUM REGULATOR Exclusively designed remote vacuum regulator is a vacuum-to-open and normally closed. It continuously monitors vacuum and regulates gas flow to a closely controlled value. When located as close as possible to the source of gas supply, the risk of handling gas under pressure is reduced to a minimum. INJECTOR Capacities up to 40 Kg/ hr of chlorine have a fixed throat. Capacities of 50 kg/ hr chlorine and above are equipped with variable orifices, which may be achieved by a throttle valve on injector, so that water consumption may if necessary reduced to a minimum. Water passing through injector should reasonably clean. INJECTORS ARE SELECTED TO CREATE VACUUM AND TO LIMIT CHLORINE SOLUTION STRENGTH TO 3500 ppm AT 25 C OR 2500 ppm AT 40 C AT HIGHER CONCENTRATIONS MOLECULAR CHLOLRINE BREAKS AND FUMES AT THE POINT OF APPLICATION, CAUSING INEFFICIENT MIXING OF CHLORINE. FLOW METER IEC Chlorinator Model R-103 have flow meters for a maximum capacity of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, 100, 150 & 180 kg/ hr of chlorine gas. Feed range is 20: 1 for any flow meter. The flow meter has an accuracy of ± 4% of the indicated flow. The float and packing are made of PTFE. The system is provided with a check valve, vacuum relief valve, and emergency drain relief valve. Water passes through the injector to produce vacuum. This vacuum opens the check valve and extends the vacuum up to the remote vacuum regulator. The chlorine supply under pressure is reduced to a constant vacuum at the remote vacuum regulator. The gas under vacuum is controlled at the gas flow meter and flow control valve to differential regulator which maintains a constant vacuum differential. The chlorine solution is then discharged from the injector to the point of application. PARTS LIST With Standard accessories : One - Wall mounted remote vacuum regulator with diaphragm pressure gauge. One - Pressure relief valve One - Fibre glass floor mounted cabinet rear - open, for easy accessibility and service. One - Rotameter One - Flow Control Valve One - Differential Regulator One - Vacuum Relief Valve Req.- Inter Connecting Piping inside Chlorinator Cabinet One -Injector One -Check Valve and Emergency Drain Relief Valve Assembly. OPTIONAL EXTRA Not included unless specifically offered : * Vacuum gauge on injector vacuum line * Vacuum switch for chlorine service * Water Pressure gauge on injector water inlet * Pressure switch for injector water supply * Rubber lined diaphragm valve on injector solution outlet.